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Bath White Enamel Repair Kit Fix Scratch Crack Chip Ceramic Sink Tub Shower Tray


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Perfect Repairability: Automix 2 component epoxy resin and hardener, the main component of the bathtub repair kit, has strong adhesion and wear resistance, which can perfectly cover cracks, holes, etc., and complete repairs easily. Water-resistant, leak-proof, durable epoxy provides a high gloss when fully cured, leaving surfaces looking new.
Safe & Harmless: The components of the shower tray repair kits are epoxy resin, precipitated barium sulfate, fumed silica, and titanium dioxide. The ingredients are safe, formaldehyde-free, non-toxic and tasteless. When using the bathtub repair kit, put on the matching disposable gloves first, no need to spend time washing your hands after using the bath repair kit.
Wide Range of Applications: Bath repair kits are suitable for every home. White acrylic bath repair kits can be applied to materials such as enamel, fiberglass, porcelain and acrylic. Great restoration for bathtub tile flooring, kitchen table and sink, toilet, scratches, dent, wear and holes.
Cost-effective Kit: The shower tray repair kit is complete with accessories, including 50ml repair agent A and B, scraper*1, mixing plate and stick*1, sandpaper*2, plastic gloves*2. Bath repair kit is easy to use, quickly repair damaged areas, and save money by eliminating the need to replace expensive tubs.

1 Open repair agent by removing plastic cap at the bottom
2 Extrude the repair agent part A and B on to mixing plate
3 Stir to make it mixed evenly
4 Apply mixed repair agent to the damaged area with scraper
5 Under normal circumstances, wait for 24 hours to cure. Uneven surface, low ambient temperature, high humidity or too thick application will take longer to cure. Once dry, you can use sandpaper to repair any excess marks on the surface.
6 Remaining product could be securely closed with provided plastic cap located between black syringe parts.

Before use test on a small range to ensure the colour match. Please wear gloves before application. Keep In cool Dry place. Keep away from children.


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